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Turkish Culinary Academy

Chocolate Art

The word chocolate was first derived from "xocatl", which means "sour, bitter drink" in the Aztec language. It was shaped by bringing it from the America continent to the European continent… You, our candidate Chocolatemaker, will teach you about the milestones from the history of Chocolate to the formation of today's chocolate, tempering, praline, mold, coating and so on. We transfer the infrastructural and technical information that will enable you to make your own personalized chocolates from the production stages, including coloring, bright display, and personalized chocolates, with our 1-to-1 (one-to-one), one-to-one training system.


The students who successfully passed the written and practical exams at the end of the Professionals Chocolate Art programme will be awarded a Certificate approved by National Ministry of Education Turkey and TCA - Turkish Culinary Academy.


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Terms and Conditions
Anyone who is older than 16, with minimum degree of Elementary School diploma can joing this training program.


Training Duration / Class Hours & Days:
Professional chocolate art duration is 40 hours in total and can be customized for the individual. For example; classes can be taken from 2 days a week to 4 hours in total for 5 weeks, 1 to 1 (one-on-one) trainings can be taken from 4 hours a day to 10 days in total or from 8 hours a day to 5 days when the student is suitable.
Education is given in classes of 1 to 1 or at most 5 people. 1 in 1 lesson There is no price difference between a group of 5 lessons. Professional Boutique How many participants the chocolate training will start at the same time management decides. Although it is not compulsory at the end of the 40-hour practical training, you can also do a 1-month business internship.


Professional Chocolate Art:

  • Lesson 1:
    • History of Chocolate
    • Getting to know the chocolate
    • Bitter, Milky, White, Ruby and Fruit Chocolate Tempering
    • Making crushed chocolate
  • Lesson 2:
    • Filling from fresh fruits
    • Making a filling with pistachio
    • Molding the chocolate
    • Filling placement and capping
  • Lesson 3:
    • Making bonbon
    • Paint mold with brush
    • Painting patterns with airbrush
  • Lesson 4:
    • Cocostar
    • Two-color shell construction
    • Tahini and sahlep filling making
  • Lesson 5:
    • Cutting praline making
    • Chocolate dipping technique
    • Truffle making
  • Lesson 6:
    • Making fruit and pistachio sticks
    • Mediants making
    • Making cracked chocolate with fruits and nuts
  • Lesson 7:
    • Making cut chocolate
    • Making caramel filling
    • Melon filling making
    • Bigbabol filling making
  • Lesson 8:
    • Walnut dragee making
    • Hazelnut dragee making
    • Pistachio dragee making
  • Lesson 9:
    • Making candied orange peel and slices
    • Drying orange peel and slices
    • Dipping orange peels and slices in chocolate
  • Lesson 10:
    • Spreadable and jar chocolate making
    • Storage conditions of spreadable and jar chocolate
    • Spreadable and shelf life of jar chocolate

Tuition Fee:

Professional Chocolate Art 2.500 $ (VAT included)
Chef Uniform and Chocolate Recipe Book is given free to the students by our school.


Documents Required for Registration
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Photocopy of Passport


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