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Chef & Travel Training With

Internship Opportunities

To check the 2024 education periods quota:


12 Months Classroom Based + Internship


15.000 $


This Training Program is offered to train the conscious and qualified Professional Chefs who speak a Foreign Language, know the intricacies of cooking, hospitality culture, food knowledge and safety, know the preparation, cooking method soups, appetizers, dough, pot, pan, oven food, rice, side dishes, and desserts from world cuisines and practice them within the duration, and want to acquire knowledge about cooking and want to work in the culinary sector in a managerial sense, and who are needed in Turkish and the world food and beverage industry.


The Chef & Travel program is a Professional Chef and Culinary Arts Program and it is an extensive one-year professional culinary training program conducted in a classroom setting. This comprehensive program encompasses both theoretical and practical training, providing students with hands-on experience in the school’s kitchen. The curriculum includes a balance of theory, practice, and dedicated time for foreign language education, covering languages such as English, Spanish, and French.
Furthermore, the program offers exciting internship and training opportunities, both within Turkey and internationally. Students have the chance to gain real-world experience in prominent culinary destinations such as Spain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom, Dubai, the Maldives, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the United States. To ensure personalized attention and effective learning, the class capacity is limited, accommodating a minimum of 8 persons and a maximum of 18 individuals. This limitation allows for a more intimate and focused educational experience, enhancing the overall quality of the Chef & Travel program.


The following 8 certificates and documents are awarded to the students who successfully pass the Theoretical and Practical exams conducted by the Ministry of Education at the end of the Professional Cooking Training:

  • TCA Professional Chef Graduation Certificate,
  • Ministry of Education Chef (Level 4) Course Program Completion Certificate,
  • Ministry of Education World Cuisines Course Program Completion Certificate,
  • Ministry of Education Turkish Cuisine Course Program Completion Certificate,
  • Ministry of Education Mandatory Hygiene Certificate,
  • TCA Vocational English (Cuisine) Language Certificate,
  • Vocational Spanish (Cuisine) Language Certificate,
  • Vocational French (Cuisine) Language Certificate

3 of these Course Completion Certificates approved by the Ministry of Education are valid internationally. These course completion certificates allow the students to legally practice their culinary profession in public institutions and private institutions in Turkey and open a business in Food and Beverage in accordance with the License Regulations of Municipalities. In addition, the Ministry of Education approved course completion certificates awarded as a result of the exam is valid for applications for the work permit, immigration, etc. abroad in 120 countries, especially the European Union countries, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc. and our students can legally practice their culinary profession in these countries.


The students who want to attend our training outside of Ankara can stay in the capital’s most special and beautiful student dormitories, with which we have a special offer, or in 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 furnished residence apartments at exceptional prices to our school. Besides, you can benefit from special prices for our prospective chefs at Inn 14 Hostel and Park Inn by Radisson Hotel.

Documents Required for Registration
  • 6 Photos
  • Photocopy of Identity Card
  • The Original and Notarized Photocopy of Diploma from the Last Graduated School or the Educational Status Taken from E-governance
  • Criminal Record
  • Health Certificate (from Your Family Physician or any State Hospital)
  • Stool Analysis, Nose & Throat Culture Analysis, Lung Exam, HIV, Hepatitis B & C Test Results
Tuition Fee

It is 15,000 $ in advance, including the Internship.
2 Chef Uniforms, Professional Chef Knives Set, Training Documents (TCA Professional Culinary Book), TCA bags are gifted to our students.


Students who want to do their internship abroad and speak at least A2 level English, Spanish or French; pay an additional fee and can participate in paid and unpaid programs from 3 to 12 months at TCA contracted businesses such as Hotels, Restaurants in Spain, Belgium, America, Italy, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Dominica, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

Paid Internship Opportunities in Spain

Paid internships from 3 to 6 months are available at hotels and resorts in Barcelona, Costa Brava, Canary Islands, Majorca, and Andalusia regions in Spain.
“Paid internship training in Spain is not included in our tuition fees.”

Internship Opportunities in Italy

Students who want to go to Italy for their internship abroad can do a 2-month unpaid internship at the contracted businesses in various regions of Italy if they pass the interview.
“Internship training in Italy is not included in our tuition fees.”

Paid Internship Opportunities in America

Intermediate and advanced level English-speaking students, after gaining 5 years of work experience following their graduation, are also provided with the opportunity to go to a paid internship program where they can earn $15 to $20 per hour in various hotels, restaurants, and businesses in the USA, and work for 6 – 12 months.
” Internship training in America is not included in our tuition fees.”