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Turkish Kebab Chef Programme

Turkish Kebab Chef Programme with

Internship Opportunities

To check the 2024 education periods quota:


40 hours


Since the trainings are given with a 1 to 1 tutoring system, you can schedule your lesson date and time in consultation with the school management.


4.000 $


The Turkish, just as the history of Turkish as a nation, combined its ancient, one of a kind and well-established cuisine with their smart, colorful and understanding personality, showed the world the Turkish Cuisine’s uniqueness. The common kebab variations in Asian and Middle Eastern countries have been introduced to Turkish Cuisine and developed into their unique and world-famous form. Grilling is at its peak. Kebabs gained lots of variety within the Turkish Kitchen. Our kebaps which make our culture significant, should always be cooked as its original way. Being aware of this, with our Kebab Chef Training Program, the students will become kebab chefs who can represent Turkish Cuisine both locally and abroad, in an authentic way.


Training duration is 40 hours in total. The one-on-one classes are minimum 4, maximum 8 hours a day, adjusted based on the student’s day and time of choice.


The students who successfully passed the written and practical exams at the end of the training will be awarded a Certificate approved by TCA Turkish Culinary Academy.


The students who don’t live in Ankara can choose the best dormitories available in the capital city and can get special discount for our school.
You can also get special discount from Inn 14 Hostel.

Documents Required for Registration
  • 4 Photos
  • Photocopy of Passport
Tuition Fee

4.000 $ (VAT included & 1 month accomodation in sharing rooms inclueded)
Chef Uniform, Training Documents (Books, CDs.. etc) are given free to the students by our school.