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Professional Turkish Cuisine Chef

Professional Turkish Cuisine Chef Training with

Internship Opportunities

To check the 2024 education periods quota:


40 hours


Since the trainings are given with a 1 to 1 tutoring system, you can schedule your lesson date and time in consultation with the school management.


3.000 $


With this training program that also supporting our mission to spread the world Turkish Cuisine and Hospitality which is one of the main reasons why TCA’s founded; our students will learn about Turkish Cuisine, hospitality culture, food knowledge and safety, soups, snacks, pastry, pot food, fried food, baked food, rice, decoration and dessert preparation, the correct cooking methods and durations of Classic Turkish Kitchen, Ottoman Kitchen, Palace Kitchen and Local Cuisines, and can become either a chef who can work as a Turkish Cuisine Chef professionally or start their own business, introduce Turkish Cuisine and Culture abroad where the food and drink industry in the world needs to know about, or simply cook better as a housewife.


Training duration is 1 month, 5 days a week, 4 hours a days, 80 hours in total. TCA can adjust class hours based on the students’ availability, and arrange private tutoring.


The students who successfully passed the written and practical exams at the end of the training will be awarded a Certificate in World Cuisine approved by Turkish Ministry of Education. With this certificate you can work as a chef legally both locally and abroad.


The students who don’t live in Ankara can choose the best dormitories available in the capital city and can get special discount for our school.
You can also get special discount from Inn 14 Hostel.

Training Contents

Turkish Kitchen Training are designed as separate modules and there are two parts; Basic and Advanced level.
With Basic Level training, the essential parts and the basics of the lessons below are taught within 80 hours.
With Advanced Level training, the essential parts and the detailed lessons below are taught within 40 hours for each module based on students’ choice.
Collection of Turkish Cuisine Includes:

  1. Classic Turkish Cuisine
  2. Ottoman Cuisine
  3. Palace Cuisine
  4. Gaziantep Cuisine
  5. Adiyaman Cuisine
  6. Elazig Cuisine
  7. Siirt Cuisine
  8. Kayseri Cuisine
  9. Sivas Cuisine
  10. Safranbolu Cuisine
  11. Kastamonu Cuisine
  12. Rize Cuisine
  13. Trabzon Cuisine
  14. Hatay Cuisine
  15. Adana Cuisine
  16. Izmir Cuisine
  17. Bursa Cuisine
  18. Van Cuisine
Documents Required for Registration
  • 4 Photos
  • Photocopy of Identity Card & Passport
  • The Original or Notarized Photocopy of Diploma from the Last Graduated School
  • Criminal Record
  • Health Certificate (from Your Family Physician or any State Hospital)
Tuition Fee

80 hours Professional Level Turkish Cuisine Training 4.500 $

40 hours Advance Level Turkish Cuisine Training of your choice 3.000 $

(E.g.: Advance Level Gaziantep Kitchen Training 40 hours 3.000 $ + Advance Level Safranbolu Kitchen Training 40 hours 3.000 $ = 6.000 $)

Chef Uniform, Chef Knife and Vegetable Knife, Training Documents (Books, CDs. etc.) are given free to the students by our school.